Express Detailing

 Starting at $80.00


Approximately 60 minutes while you wait in our showroom!
This detail service is the Full Service Interior/Exterior wash, Buff and Wax.
We apply wax with a buffer and remove by hand.

Full Service Hand Wash

$40.00 & Up 

Interior & Exterior Most Vehicles



Our Full Service Hand Wash includes rinse vehicle then wash with soft shamees, clean all brake dust off wheels.  Hand scrub white letters and white walls, power wash wheel wells.  Towel dry vehicle including door jams.  Then apply tire shine.


A thorough vacuum of entire vehicle, clean inside windows, wipe off dash and console.

Complete Detailing

$200 & Up

Stop in for a Customized Quote!

We offer Complete Detailing Services in Pittsburgh.  Our staff is highly trained and very qualified to detail any vehicle from everyday drivers to very expensive exotic show cars. We also detail boats and motor homes.  We do our best to make your older car look new again, and to protect newer cars from looking old.  Our full details usually last six months, depending on various driving and care conditions. 

After your initial full detail we discount subsequent details every six months by approx. 30%.  A great way to protect and maintain your investment.

Our full detail is very extensive and usually takes 4 - 5 hours.  We start with a full service exterior hand car wash.  Then we professionally clean the paint surface making it smooth to touch. 

Next we buff out minor scratches and seal the surface with premium wax.  The interior includes: a thorough vacuum of the entire vehicle, shampoo all carpets, mats, seats, and scotch guard.  We also clean and condition leather interiors.  The dashboard, console, and door panels are cleaned and dressed.  The windows will be cleaned before we finish your car with final touches.