Custom Wheels & Tires


We offer Custom Wheels and Tires in Pittsburgh.  No single vehicle modification is as popular or as immediate as changing your wheels and tires.  It's often the first thing people notice when they check out a customized ride, or the only thing that makes them notice it at all.  It's not just a difference in size, although that is important, but a change in shape and texture as well can create a huge impact.  So, combining all those elements in an integrated way is important in deciding on the right wheel and tire package.  Your life depends on a few square inches of rubber.  Whether you drive a car, van, pick-up or SUV, a set of good-looking wheels and tires will help set your vehicle off like a new pair of shoes. 


Please contact us for a free estimate on the costs associated with making your vehicle a head turner! 

Over 3,000 wheels in stock at our local warehouse for same day delivery.